Sonny still missing, thankful for everyone’s help

17 Dec

kitty-xmasstockingsWe found out the cat seen near Black Mountain & Tartan Trail was not Sonny after all (we were able to capture photos of the cat on a trail cam). Though the cat did look very similar to Sonny in the nighttime infrared photos, in the daytime photos it was clearly another cat.

We haven’t given up hope that Sonny will be found, even though there have not been any confirmed sightings of him since his disappearance on October 25. We have a Christmas stocking hanging on our mantel waiting for his return.

I want to give a big thank you to everyone who has phoned or emailed with possible sightings of Sonny or helpful advice; and to all our neighbors who have kept an eye out for him, let us search their grounds, and given us moral support.

There has been some good that came out of this whole heartbreaking experience of losing our pet in that we have met many nice neighbors, and we now feel more connected to the Hillsborough community.

Wishing everyone happy holidays.


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