Cats captured on trail cam, just in case they’re lost cats

2 Jan

Here are some of the cats captured on a trail cam near Tartan Trail & Black Mountain Road in December. They are most likely either outdoor-access pets or strays, but I’m posting them on the off chance they are former pets who got lost. We also had the trail cam set up in our driveway the first few weeks after Sonny disappeared, but only captured raccoons, a skunk, and our neighbor’s outdoor-only cat who came by nightly to wait for the mackerel to be put out. No other cats ate the food. We must not have many strays close to our house.

tartan-graycat tartan-longhaircat tartan-orangecat tartan-tortie2


2 Responses to “Cats captured on trail cam, just in case they’re lost cats”

  1. Apologetic resident of your neighboring community 02/03/2013 at 12:53 pm #

    I have seen your posts for these last few months and can sympathize with you losing your pet. However, there is evidence that suggests that cats go ferrel in 6days and I believe this may have happened with your cat. I hope it is still alive, but I feel that your cat will not return. Sorry for the grim news, but its a reality you might need to face.

    • lostcats94010 02/03/2013 at 10:38 pm #

      Thanks for your comment, you’re the first person to ever comment on my blog!

      I know the chances I will ever find Sonny are slim at this point, but if he is still alive and has joined a feral colony, I have to believe that someone would see him some day and let me know. Then I could set up a trail cam to identify him. I realize trapping a former pet cat gone feral would be very challenging, but it has been done before.

      I have met and heard of people in Hillsborough who regularly feed strays, and they are familiar with all the cats that come to their houses. That would be one of the better-case scenarios.

      It is also possible that Sonny was killed by a coyote, as there is a large wooded area near our house between Denise and Marlborough where coyotes are known to live.

      That is the worst-case scenario, because his body would never be found.

      Anyway, I hope at least one of the lost cats on my blog is found some day.

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