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Sonny Missing 5 1/2 Months Now

7 Apr

Sonny as a kitten in foster care. It’s amazing how much darker he got as he got older, that’s a trait of Siamese cats I was told. His shelter name was Toby.

There have not been any further reported sightings in the Churchill area. A big THANKS to Churchill neighbors Y. and T. for sending me photos of cats on their property and for all the other neighbors who are keeping an eye out for Sonny.

Thank you also to kind neighbor S. S. who came over to give us tips and offered to lend us his humane trap.

We are very grateful for the wonderful people in our community who have helped us and given us encouragement that Sonny will be home with us some day.


This is what Sonny looks like now (though he would probably have lost weight).

Last Monday, I made the painful decision to discontinue Sonny’s pet health insurance with Healthy Paws. I was planning to wait at least six months, but I got an email with the yearly rate increase for the premiums, so I thought it would be a good time to stop. This ¬†doesn’t mean I’ve given up hope, it just seemed like the practical thing to do at this point.