Sonny has been missing for three months now

25 Jan

This is a more recent composite photo of Sonny. His markings get darker with time.

Our beloved Sonny is still missing. It was three months ago, on October 25, 2012, that I last saw him.

We haven’t given up hope. I have distributed about 600 door hangers near our home over the past couple of months. When Sonny first when missing, I distributed fliers to the closest 30 or so homes; and put up posters and craigslist ads. I have been in all the adjacent homes’ yards and other yards where Sonny had been seen before his disappearance. I had a trailcam set up for the first couple of months, and have been following advice from the MissingCatAssistance Yahoo Group (see my “Resources” page for more helpful links).

SonnySonny was last seen early Thu, Oct 25 at our home on the 300 block of Robinwood Lane near Hayne, in Hillsborough. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat, but he has always come in at night. We have a four-way cat door we keep locked at night.

Sonny is a shorthair Siamese/Marbled Tabby mix, white with tan markings, a dark brown tail with a white ring near the end, and blue eyes. He is two years old and he weighed 9 lbs. when he disappeared. He was not wearing a collar.

Sonny is very skittish and afraid of strangers, so he would probably not let you approach him if you saw him. But he is a very sweet and gentle cat.

We are desperate to know what happened to him, even if it’s bad news. I visit the PHS every week or two  even though Sonny has a HomeAgain microchip.

Sonny (top) and his brother Teddy (bottom)

Sonny has a brother Teddy who has similar markings but Teddy is darker brown. We have gotten reports from neighbors of Teddy being seen since 10-25, but no reports of Sonny being seen. Nine Lives Foundation (a wonderful organization) saved these brothers from being euthanized at a shelter as stray kittens because they were born with defective eyelids, which have since been surgically improved. Sonny’s eyes still look “different,” but he can see fine. He is supposed to be getting severe dry eye gel applied 3x daily though. Read more about Sonny and Teddy’s history

SonnyThank you for helping us find Sonny, he is an important part of our family and we miss him a lot. His brother probably misses him too, they were inseparable.

Please call or text 650-400-8561 any time of day or night, email if you think you have seen Sonny since Thu, Oct 25.

Thank you!


Teddy and Sonny


Cats captured on trail cam, just in case they’re lost cats

2 Jan

Here are some of the cats captured on a trail cam near Tartan Trail & Black Mountain Road in December. They are most likely either outdoor-access pets or strays, but I’m posting them on the off chance they are former pets who got lost. We also had the trail cam set up in our driveway the first few weeks after Sonny disappeared, but only captured raccoons, a skunk, and our neighbor’s outdoor-only cat who came by nightly to wait for the mackerel to be put out. No other cats ate the food. We must not have many strays close to our house.

tartan-graycat tartan-longhaircat tartan-orangecat tartan-tortie2

Sonny still missing, thankful for everyone’s help

17 Dec

kitty-xmasstockingsWe found out the cat seen near Black Mountain & Tartan Trail was not Sonny after all (we were able to capture photos of the cat on a trail cam). Though the cat did look very similar to Sonny in the nighttime infrared photos, in the daytime photos it was clearly another cat.

We haven’t given up hope that Sonny will be found, even though there have not been any confirmed sightings of him since his disappearance on October 25. We have a Christmas stocking hanging on our mantel waiting for his return.

I want to give a big thank you to everyone who has phoned or emailed with possible sightings of Sonny or helpful advice; and to all our neighbors who have kept an eye out for him, let us search their grounds, and given us moral support.

There has been some good that came out of this whole heartbreaking experience of losing our pet in that we have met many nice neighbors, and we now feel more connected to the Hillsborough community.

Wishing everyone happy holidays.

Oliver missing from Eucalyptus Ave, Hillsborough

12 Dec

oliverThis beloved cat named Oliver was last seen at his home on the 800 block of Eucalyptus Avenue on or about October 7, 2012.  His collar was found on a fence two houses down. He is microchipped.


There have been several sightings of Oliver around Forestview & Oaks.

If you think you have seen Oliver, please contact:

Phone::   650-576-9059
Thank you.

Potential Sonny Sighting, Black Mountain at Tartan Trail

9 Dec

I got a call tonight at around 8:30 from someone who saw a cat that looked like Sonny (based on my door hanger) while they were driving by the intersection of Tartan Trail and Black Mountain Road. They said he was with another cat.

mackerelWe drove over there within a few minutes with a can of mackerel and put some near a curb, then sat in our parked car and watched. Lo and behold, before very long, we saw cat eyes reflecting near the mackerel. We shined a flashlight on the cat and it ran away, but at a glance we both thought it could have been Sonny. We went back to the car for a while, then the cat came back. We approached the cat, but it ran away and then after that it didn’t come back. I came back half an hour later, and the mackerel had not been touched.

I will follow up at that location tomorrow with door hangers and will try to talk to residents. I didn’t get as far as Black Mountain with my door hangers over the weeked. The last street I covered in that direction was Marlborough.

Update Dec 11: I went back to the location again last night at around 10pm, and as I was parking, the same light-colored cat ran across the road right in front of me! Again, it was very fast, but it could have been Sonny. We don’t want to get our hopes up too much, but we will be pursuing this lead to try to determine whether it is Sonny or just a similar-looking cat.

“Chai” is Still Missing

4 Dec

chaiChai is a female Abyssinian who went missing from Black Mountain Rd, Hillsborough, on March 21, 2012.

Chai’s owner Innie has a great blog where you can read more about Chai and the extensive search for her.

Shortly after our cat Sonny went missing, I got in touch with Innie for advice, and she has been a tremendous help, for which I’m very grateful.

Lost Cat “Blue” – Knightwood Ln, Hillsborough

2 Dec

BluelostcatBlue is a neutered, microchipped marbled grey male.  He went missing from Knightwood Ln during the summer.

He has gone missing before but always came back. He is a good hunter.

There have been potential Blue sightings around Summit and Baileyana.

If you think you have seen Blue, please email